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CCILSA Fortifies Global Alliances and Expands Collaboration

In its latest chapter, the Chamber of Commerce & Industry Luso South African (CCILSA) proactively forges enduring partnerships, promising substantial benefits for both the chamber and its members. This strategic initiative, with a primary focus on expanding collaborations, aims to create a robust network poised to yield fruitful outcomes and contribute to the shared prosperity of all involved parties.

Strategic Partnership with TAAG Revolutionizes Travel to Angola

One of the noteworthy collaborations is with TAAG, marking a pivotal moment in the airline's operations. Timed strategically with Angola's government announcement in October 2023, visitors from 98 countries, including Portugal, now enjoy visa exemptions when visiting Angola. This substantial simplification of travel procedures, requiring only a valid passport and a vaccination certificate, not only streamlines the travel process but also sets the stage for heightened business and cultural exchanges.

For those that travel from Portugal to South Africa, will know that there are still no direct flights. Benefits of flying TAAG to South Africa is the lay-over in Angola is short and the price is attractive. TAAG being aware of the needs and demands of the local people have now several flights leaving from Porto to Angola for the months December 2023 and January 2024. 

Strengthening Ties with South Africa

President Manuela Robinson's recent visit to South Africa marks a crucial advancement, promising manifold benefits for everyone involved. The positive and fruitful meeting between the two chambers – CCILSA and SAPCC (South African Portuguese Chamber of Commerce, based in South Africa) underscores a commitment to collaboration that transcends borders, fostering economic growth, cultural enrichment, and a deeper understanding between nations. This strategic milestone is poised to create a ripple effect, ensuring a vibrant future for bilateral relations.

Furthermore, during this visit, Manuela engaged with four Directors of SAPCC, a member-driven, non-profit, fee-based organisation representing its members in Southern Africa focused on promoting bilateral trade and investment between Portugal and Southern Africa. They also provide a network for its members with the ultimate aim of stimulating and growing business and investment.

One of the Directors of SAPCC, Ricardo de Freitas, is also the Director of (YAPS) the Young Adult Portuguese Society, a cultural beacon spreading Portuguese influence globally. Its mission, to promote intercultural understanding, has transcended physical and linguistic barriers. Through events, traditions, and educational programs. a group of young inspiring professionals and entrepreneurs in South Africa with Portuguese heritage that host various events for our communities across South Africa. This collaborative effort aims to stimulate and grow business and investment between Portugal and Southern Africa, fostering a cultural exchange that goes beyond physical and linguistic barriers. The multifaceted approach ensures that the collaboration extends to the younger generation, ensuring a sustainable and vibrant future for bilateral relations.

Embassy and Forum Collaborations: Bridges Across Communities

CCILSA takes pride in working alongside the South African Embassy in Portugal, expressing gratitude for Ambassador Mmamokwena Gaoretelelwe's unwavering support. However, during Manuela’s last visit to South Africa she was also able to meet with the Portuguese Ambassador to South Africa, José Costa Pereira. This meeting served to update the ambassador on CCILSA’s developments and to strengthen the relationship which was up until then non existing. 

Additionally, forthcoming in this strategic alliance is The Portuguese Forum in South Africa, a vital non-profit organization supporting and working with South African Government, provincial, municipal and different local authorities in aid of the local community. This collaboration focuses on advocating and empowering the Portuguese-South African community, addressing its diverse needs and creating bridges across communities.

Key Collaborations with Industry Leaders: New Growth Opportunities

Throughout the year, CCILSA's dedicated efforts to expand its network have recently translated into new partnerships with influential entities and strategic key players. These collaborations include:

  • The Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry: A pivotal player in the promotion and facilitation of international trade, providing CCILSA with opportunities to negotiate contracts and secure funding for projects benefiting its membership.

  • African Brand Architects: This collaboration focuses on brand management and business development, with the aim of establishing an empowered African business community with strong global linkages.

  • OPM Services in South Africa: A partnership providing services and organizing events, offering valuable opportunities for companies looking to promote their services in South Africa.

These collaborations, akin to a tapestry of growth opportunities, span areas from international trade facilitation to brand management and event organization, all contributing to further economic growth and development.

As CCILSA's journey toward a more extensive and impactful network is well underway, with these collaborations positioned not only to play a pivotal role in the chamber's ongoing mission of fostering growth and prosperity but also to weave a narrative of enduring partnerships that transcend borders and generations. The chamber's commitment to continuous growth and collaboration resonates with its vision for a thriving and interconnected business landscape, paving the way for a more prosperous future.

Acknowledging Valued Partnerships

CCILSA's commitment to building strong, mutually beneficial partnerships reflects its dedication to fostering economic growth, cultural exchange, and community empowerment. As a testament to this dedication, CCILSA expresses gratitude for the ongoing support from "The Portugal News" and proudly announces its collaboration with GAFFE, a disruptive creative agency. This strategic partnership aims to enhance communication strategies within CCILSA's expanding network, ensuring that every collaboration contributes to the collective journey.

For more information on membership opportunities please get in touch with Manuela Robinson, or visit our contact page on

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