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Becoming a member of CCILSA

Providing Everything You Need

Benefits of our Membership

Through personal empowerment and commercial promotion, we help individuals and companies to grow their business in Portugal, South Africa and elsewhere. We achieve this primarily through events and trade missions.


Government Engagement

Leverage our extensive government connections for your success. We offer insights on available grants, expert advice on legal hurdles, and efficient solutions to streamline complex processes (possible fees may apply).


A Network of Excellence

Connect with a diverse network of experts, board members, and government officials for timely insights into legal, financial, and business matters.


Raising Corporate Visibility

Elevate your business through event sponsorships and online membership benefits. Tap into our members' network and stay informed.


Expert Empowerment

Access valuable knowledge with our online and in person events, publications (white papers), expert insights on best practices, tax matters, and more.


Staying informed to stay ahead

We disseminate relevant news affecting trade, legal and regulatory changes. We announce news of new grants and you will have opportunities to participate in regular surveys.


Exploring New Horizons

Participate in Portugal-South Africa trade missions. Our executive board actively supports these missions to unearth fresh opportunities for businesses on both sides (a fee will apply).


Levels of Membership

From Small Business to Enterprise level, we're here to help.

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We can help you through education and networking, helping to connect you with the right professionals who can help smooth the process of settling in Portugal or South Africa. We also assist with networking and connecting you with local businesses.

  • Fees: €60 per annum

  • Category: Individuals with no active professional activity

Small and Medium Business

Your needs are vastly different to large enterprises, so we specifically make the chamber very attractive to give SME access to corporates. Get tremendous value from getting involved in CCILSA and not only make a contribution but also receive a lot of information and education. SME's will benefit from networking and exploring opportunities for expansion of the business. We can also assist in the promotion of your business.

  • Fees: starting at €200 per annum

  • Category: Small to medium businesses

Business Meeting
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Large Companies and Enterprises

Many companies have proven that they are ambitious and have grown large businesses. We're looking forward to working with larger companies that have a connection with Portugal, South Africa and other countries in all industries and access to new markets. The Chamber will facilitate key introductions, and business promotion.

  • Fees: starting at €1,250 per annum

  • Category: Executive members

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