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Funchal's Cultural Diversity Festival Celebrates Unity

Updated: Jun 25

CCILSA and ALSAP Strengthen Ties at Vibrant Event.

Funchal, Madeira – On May 17th and 18th, the Centro Cívico in São Martinho hosted the Cultural Diversity Festival, a vibrant celebration highlighting the island's diverse foreign communities, representing approximately 121 different countries.

From left to right: Pedro Calado, President of the Funchal City Council; Bruno Pereira Vice-President of the Funchal City Council; Jorge Carvalho, Regional Secretary for Education, Science and Technology; Manuela Robinson, President of CCILSA; Rui Abreu, Regional Director for Madeiran Communities and External Cooperation; Foreign Community Representative; Sancho Gomes, Director of Services of the Regional Directorate for External Cooperation.

CCILSA and ALSAP Collaboration

Invited by ALSAP's President, Analiza de Sousa, the South Africa Chamber of Commerce in Portugal (CCILSA) was a notable guest at the event. CCILSA President, Manuela Robinson, in an interview with “NaminhaterraTV”, emphasised the organisation's strong ties with ALSAP and hinted at an exciting forthcoming partnership, whilst details of this collaboration are still under wraps, it promises significant benefits for their members.

Manuela Robinson being interviewed by Naminhaterra TV

Manuela also discussed plans for a business delegation between Portugal and South Africa later in 2024.

Manuela Robinson, President of CCILSA and Analiza de Sousa (President of ALSAP)

Successful Festival Kickoff and cultural exchange

The festival's opening featured several government officials, drawing thousands of attendees over two days. The event celebrated global cultures through food, art, music, and dance, promoting both cultural diversity and integration into Madeira's social fabric. The festival embodied cultural harmony, with people from diverse backgrounds celebrating together.

From left to right: Sérgio Gonçalves, leader of PS/Madeira and candidate for European Parliament; Marta Temido, head of list PS for European Parliament, Manuela Robinson, President of CCILSA, Paulo Cafôfo, President of PS Madeira.

Local artisans and performers enriched the festival, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of various cultures.

Looking Ahead

The success of the Cultural Diversity Festival highlights Madeira's commitment to cultural and economic ties. The anticipated partnership between CCILSA and ALSAP, along with the planned South Africa business delegation, points to a future of continued cooperation and cultural celebration on the island.

Manuela Robinson with Luso South Africans in Madeira

With the promise of future collaborations and events, Madeira continues to stand as a model of cultural harmony and international cooperation. The success of the Cultural Diversity Festival sets a precedent for future initiatives aimed at celebrating and integrating the island's multifaceted community.

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