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Networking Event in Oporto and a Madeira Visit

Updated: Jun 25

Collaboration among Chambers of Commerce Leads to Fruitful Networking Event. 

On April 10, 2024, a dynamic mix of business leaders and entrepreneurs converged at the prestigious Renaissance Porto Lapa Hotel for a vibrant networking event. CCILSA (Chamber of Commerce Luso South African), along with a consortium of Chambers of Commerce organised this vibrant event, including CCILA (Luso-German Chamber of Commerce), BPCC (British-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce), ANJE (National Association of Young Entrepreneurs), CCPH (Portugal Netherlands Chamber of Commerce), CCLBL (Luso-Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce), PHKCCI (Portugal Hong-Kong Chamber of Commerce and Industry), CCLC (Luso-Chinese Chamber of Commerce), and CCLB (Luso-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce), the event marked yet another triumph in fostering collaboration and networking.

With representatives from various chambers of commerce gracing the occasion, the gathering exemplified the potential for forging meaningful connections and partnerships within the business community. Attended by approximately 120 business professionals, the event provided a fertile ground for individuals and organisations to engage, exchange ideas, and explore synergistic collaborations, encapsulating the spirit of innovation and progress in business networking.

Looking ahead, a plethora of events have been meticulously planned, heralding 2024 as a promising year brimming with networking opportunities and avenues for business growth.

Strengthening Ties: CCILSA's President Visits Funchal

The success of the networking event in Oporto was further bolstered by CCILSA's efforts to forge partnerships beyond mainland Portugal. In April, CCILSA's President, Manuela Robinson, embarked on a visit to Funchal, Madeira, where she engaged in fruitful discussions with key stakeholders.

During her visit, Manuela had the privilege of meeting with esteemed individuals, including Dr. Gonçalo Nuno Perestelo Santos, the Honorary Consul of South Africa in Madeira. CCILSA extends heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Santos for graciously accompanying President Manuela throughout her stay and serving as a valuable facilitator in fostering connections between CCILSA and other esteemed companies in Funchal.

Honorary Consul of South Africa in Madeira

During her visit, Manuela held discussions with key figures from ACIF (Associação Comercial e Industrial do Funchal), including the Secretary-General, Dr. Assis Correia. Additionally, she met with Dr. Roy Garibaldi of SDM (Sociedade de Desenvolvimento da Madeira). CCILSA highly values these interactions, recognising the esteemed contributions of Dr. Correia and Dr. Garibaldi. Their participation is integral as CCILSA moves forward with plans to organise business delegations and trade missions, given their pivotal roles in attracting foreign investment.

One of the highlights of the trip was a meeting with the president of ALSAP (Associação Luso Sul Africana de Portugal), Dra. Analiza de Sousa, where plans for future collaboration were discussed.

The partnership between CCILSA and ALSAP holds great promise for enhancing cooperation between Portugal and South Africa. One such initiative is an upcoming fundraiser event scheduled to take place in Funchal on the 17th of May. This event aims to bring together the South African community in Portugal, fostering connections not only among individuals and businesses but also within the broader community.

The collaboration between CCILSA and ALSAP is just one example of the valuable partnerships being forged in the business landscape. As businesses increasingly look to expand their global reach, such alliances play a crucial role in facilitating trade, investment, and cultural exchange.

Value-Added Partnerships

The networking event in Oporto and CCILSA's initiatives in Madeira represent just the beginning of a series of collaborative efforts aimed at promoting economic growth and cross-cultural understanding. As partnerships continue to evolve, they will undoubtedly add significant value, particularly as business delegations and exchange programs come to fruition in the coming months.

With each interaction and partnership forged, the business community in Portugal and beyond stands to benefit from increased opportunities for growth, innovation, and prosperity. As CCILSA and its counterparts continue to lead the way in fostering collaboration, the future of business networking looks brighter than ever.

Keep an eye on this space for updates on the exciting upcoming event in Funchal, as well as other noteworthy news. For further details, feel free to contact Manuela at

Main image: Nick Robinson (Algarve Addicts), Maria Inês Cerqueira (THOP – The House of Portugal), Nanindi Slabbert (THOP – The House of Portugal), Manuela Robinson (CCILSA – President)

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