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Setting the Stage: CCILSA's 2024 Vision Unveiled Amidst Dynamic Business Breakfast

Almancil, February 21, 2024 - The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Luso-South African (CCILSA) hosted a dynamic business breakfast featuring a presentation by Ricardo Chaves, a distinguished accountant from AFM-All Finance Matters. Held at the Tribulum Restaurant in Almancil, the event attracted nearly 60 attendees eager to gain insights into the state budget, 2024 budget amendments, and essential tax considerations for individuals and corporations.

The morning commenced with a sumptuous breakfast spread curated by renowned chef Jonnie Pratt, setting a delightful ambiance for intellectual discourse. Ricardo Chaves captivated the audience with an informative presentation, elucidating key aspects of the state budget and navigating through significant tax reforms pertinent to the business community. Subsequently, a robust Q&A session ensued, providing attendees with the opportunity to engage directly with Chaves and clarify intricate fiscal matters.

CCILSA's proactive approach to fostering business engagement was evident, with a diverse array of events scheduled throughout the year across various locations in Portugal, including the Algarve, Lisbon, and Oporto. Notably, collaborations with other chambers of commerce are in the pipeline, aimed at amplifying networking opportunities and promoting knowledge exchange among industry stakeholders.

In 2024, CCILSA's agenda promises a diverse array of events aimed at fostering collaboration and economic growth. From commemorating historic occasions like "Freedom Day" to empowering celebrations of International Women's Day, each event serves to cultivate meaningful connections and advance shared prosperity between Portugal and South Africa.

Moreover, trade missions and business delegations slated for the final quarter of the year are poised to bolster bilateral relations between Portugal and South Africa. These missions will facilitate business exchanges and cooperation, underpinning diplomatic efforts to strengthen economic ties and promote mutual prosperity.

This comprehensive lineup reflects CCILSA's unwavering commitment to facilitating dialogue, collaboration, and innovation within the business community. With a focus on promoting economic cooperation and nurturing a vibrant ecosystem of entrepreneurship, CCILSA's events serve as pivotal platforms for forging lasting partnerships and unlocking new opportunities for growth on both sides of the Atlantic.


March 13th

MEGABOX, Almancil, Algarve

"International Women's Day" Celebration: Successful female entrepreneurs share stories of success and challenges.

April, day and venue TBC – Cascais, Lisbon

Venue and Date To Be Confirmed (TBC), Cascais, Lisbon

"South African and Portugal Freedom Day" Lunch: Keynote speakers discuss the significance of Portugal and South African "Freedom Day."

April, day and venue TBC – Oporto 

"CCILSA Networking Event": A collaborative networking initiative with chambers of commerce, held for the first time in the north of Portugal.

May, , day and venue TBC – Funchal, Madeira 

"CCILSA's Madeira Office Launch": Cocktail evening in collaboration with the South African Consulate in  Madeira.

May, day and venue TBC

"National Day" Celebration at the South African Embassy in Portugal: Commemoration of South African "Freedom Day," with discussions on Nelson Mandela's enduring legacy.

June 21st, day and venue TBC - Algarve

"Summer Networking Party": Kickoff event in collaboration with the British-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce.

July, day and venue TBC - Algarve

"Traditional South African Braai": Evening social featuring traditional South African delicacies.

August, day and venue TBC - Algarve

"South African Women's Day Celebration": Networking event spotlighting inspiring stories of South African businesswomen.

September, day and venue TBC 

"CCILSA's Cocktail Evening": Classic networking event with a late-cocktail twist.

October, dates TBC

"Portuguese Entrepreneurs Visit South Africa": A trade mission and business delegation aimed at fostering business exchanges between Portugal and South Africa.

November, dates TBC

"South African Entrepreneurs Visit Portugal": A trade mission and business delegation facilitating collaboration between South African and Portuguese businesses.

December, day and venue TBC

"CCILSA's Christmas Gala": Year-end celebration fostering camaraderie and collaboration within the business community.

As CCILSA embarks on a dynamic journey through 2024, the chamber remains dedicated to fostering meaningful connections, promoting economic cooperation, and nurturing a vibrant community of businesses across Portugal and South Africa. With an array of engaging events and strategic initiatives on the horizon, there has never been a better time to get involved.

We invite entrepreneurs, professionals, individuals and businesses alike to join CCILSA and become part of this exciting journey. Whether you're seeking networking opportunities, valuable insights, or collaborative ventures, CCILSA offers a platform where ideas flourish and partnerships thrive.

To stay updated on CCILSA's upcoming events and initiatives, and to become a member, visit [] today. Let's embark on this journey together, forging new connections and unlocking endless possibilities for growth and success.

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