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At a time when many Portuguese people are preparing plans for their summer holidays, TAAG highlights five destinations served by the company on the African continent. From West to East Africa, there is an immensity of nature, culture and diversity to discover

Lisbon, 16th of April de 2024: Summer is approaching and holiday plans are starting to take shape. The African continent has increasingly established itself as an attractive option for different types of travelers, due to the diversity of resources, activities and tourist offer. This continent, which is the cradle of humanity, is home to some of the most impressive landscapes on the planet, unmistakable fauna and flora and unique cultural diversity.

TAAG, which actively promotes the connection between Portugal and Africa, suggests five destinations to visit in the summer of 2024, based on the popularity index recorded among Portuguese travelers.

The company has routes to all of these destinations. The connection is made from the Angola hub, to which there are frequent direct flights from Lisbon. Through Luanda, with TAAG, travelers can easily travel to various African destinations.

Angolan sounds and flavors in Luanda

Located on the west coast of Africa and kissed by the Atlantic Ocean, Luanda is the capital of Angola. This city is capable of immersing anyone in an experience that combines history, culture and natural beauty.

From the imposing Fortaleza de São Miguel to the landmark that is the Marginal, every corner of Luanda tells a story. If travelers are looking for a paradise of tranquility, Mussulo is a stop not to be missed. This coastline is a serene haven by the sea, filled with palm trees and extensive sandy beaches, where you can drink a pineapple kissangua to the sound of local music.

Savoring local cuisine is, in fact, one of the most stimulating ways to explore Luanda. From the typical chicken muamba to the famous calulu, the Angolan capital takes visitors on a journey to the most authentic flavors of the country and Portuguese-speaking Africa.



Johannesburg, memory of South Africa

Johannesburg, the beating heart of South Africa, welcomes visitors with a mix of modernity and tradition. An example of this is Maboneng Precinct, a cultural neighborhood that hosts old and new buildings in a vibrant arts scene.

For history enthusiasts, the Apartheid Museum offers a journey that is as remarkable as it is important due to the countless challenges overcome by the country's population. In turn, places like Mandela Square and Neighborgoods Market offer an immersive experience of the city's atmosphere, including food, artisanal markets, restaurants and shops.

Johannesburg is a melting pot of cultures, reflected in its diverse culinary offerings and countless cultural experiences. The city offers a sensory journey for lovers of good food and authentic South African flavors. For nature lovers, a visit to Pilanesberg National Park, located nearby, is a must: more than 7,000 animals live in this wild reserve, from giraffes to elephants.

Cape Town: where oceans cross

Located at the southern tip of Africa, Cape Town looks like something out of a movie scene: with the imposing Table Mountain serving as a backdrop, the city offers a breathtaking visual experience. The Victoria & Alfred Waterfront is a perfect place to explore without worry, combining historic architecture, contemporary shops and waterfront restaurants. Another highlight not to be missed is the visit to the Cape of Good Hope, where the Atlantic and Indian oceans meet, and which occupies a place of great relevance in the history of Portugal.

Still in the history chapter, the city's heritage becomes evident in neighborhoods like Bo-Kaap, which preserve a fascinating cultural legacy with their colorful houses. But there are also highly recommended beaches, such as those at Camps Bay, perfect for visitors looking for revitalizing experiences.

Windhoek, window to Namibia's desert landscapes

The capital of Namibia is an excellent introduction to this sub-Saharan African country, offering a peaceful and welcoming atmosphere. The Christuskirche and the National Independence Museum are important landmarks that tell the country's history, while Independence Avenue offers a stroll through a more contemporary atmosphere. At Parliament Gardens, visitors find a green and fresh oasis in a more arid landscape.

Windhoek's cultural diversity is evident at markets such as the Namibia Craft Center, where local artisans display unique products. Namibian cuisine, which combines African heritage with German influences, is a gastronomic experience not to be missed, highlighting dishes such as kapana (grilled meat) and biltong (typical dried meat). In addition to urban life, Windhoek is a gateway to Namibia's vast desert landscapes. The city's surroundings reveal untouched beauty, providing visitors with the opportunity to explore the country's unique nature.


Culture and biodiversity of Maputo


A visit to Maputo, the heart of Mozambique, is a trip that remains in memory. The city's cultural heritage and the coastal beauty of the Indian Ocean invite travelers to immerse themselves in local life, marked by aromas, colors and sounds that surround and cradle those who visit. Places like the Fortaleza de Nossa Senhora da Conceição and the Crafts Fair offer a glimpse into the history and atmosphere of the Mozambican capital, but to experience Maputo is also to get lost in the countless alleys full of life spread across the city.


Maputo is also a gastronomic paradise, marked by the confluence between African and Portuguese flavors. Traditional dishes, such as matapa, and local delicacies are in themselves a way of traveling through the country's history and culture. At night, music takes over this city, with engaging marrabenta and afro-house rhythms that echo in the various open bars. Less than three hours from the city, visitors will find the Maputo National Park – one of the richest areas of biodiversity on the planet, with heterogeneous landscapes and a wide range of wildlife, from zebras to hippos.


About TAAG


TAAG – Angola Airlines – was founded in 1938 and is based in Luanda, the capital city. For more than 80 years, TAAG has been connecting Angolans through domestic and international connections. TAAG is a leading company in the aviation market in Angola, recognized globally and with sustained growth, currently offering 12 domestic destinations and 13 international destinations. In addition to transporting passengers, its fleet also transports cargo, a service that is increasingly essential for the development of the local ecosystem. TAAG takes deep pride in its history, service and focus on continuous improvement.

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