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CCILSA acts as an active mediator in the relationship between the economic agents of both Portuguese and South-African markets, stimulating the promotion of trade, industrial and financial relations, with benefits for both markets. CCILSA also strives to assume a preponderant advisory role with the Portuguese and South-African officials geared to foreign trade.


The Chamber supports its members mainly in the following areas:


1. Business Improvement / Increase in Turnover

  • General specialized consulting services in various sectors
  • Pesquisa de mercado
  • Participação em feiras e missões empresariais
  • Identificação de oportunidades de investimento através de estudos aprofundados
  • Informação sobre direitos aduaneiros
  • Informação sobre procedimentos de exportação e importação
  • Elaboração de programas e visitas de trabalho
  • Pesquisa de agente ou representante comercial
  • Visibilidade

2. Support services

  • Travel purchases, hotel reservations and car rental at preferential rates
  • Affordable trainings
  • Documentary support
  • Investment incentives
  • Correspondence

3. Networking


  • Trade missions
  • Bilateral and multilateral lectures and conferences
  • Business interaction and social activities

4. Trade publications

  • Weekly update of the leading and most recent market information

5. Website

  • With relevant business information

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Maria Santos

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Luso-South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Founded in 1980
Registered in Portugal and South Africa




+351 213 581 060