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Strategic Objectives

CCILSA’s activities are guided by the following strategic guidelines:

  1. Support its members to achieve their goals.
  2. See each member as a client and as the reason why CCILSA exists, aligning its activities and its services with the interests of its members.
  3. Increase awareness and interest of Portuguese entrepreneurs and companies in the South African market whilst increasing the interest of South African businessmen and companies in Portugal.
  4. Emphasize, amongst the Portuguese general public, Portuguese politicians and Portuguese businessmen, the importance of a greater economic, cultural and political connection with South Africa – the largest and most developed economy in the African continent.
  5. Emphasize, among the South African public opinion, South African politicians and South African entrepreneurs the advantages of having a greater economic, cultural and political connection with Portugal, a country of innovation and innovators and a portal to the World.


The strategic guidelines underlying the mandate of the current senior management are::

  1. Increase CCILSA operational capacity.
  2. Extend the range of CCILSA services.
  3. Increase the number of its members.
  4. Reinforce CCILSA in financial terms.
  5. Promote Portugal as a country of innovation and technology that can support South Africa in its challenges: (i) economic modernization (sharing experiences), (ii) enhanced international competitiveness (strengthening value chains), (iii) promoting partnerships between Portuguese companies and local South African companies.
  6. Promote South Africa in Portugal as a country: (i) inherently stable, despite its political tensions (for having a well-developed economy, strong institutions and an interventionist civil society), (ii) of strategic and business importance for Portuguese companies (given the size of its market and its relations with the rest of the African continent, and the increasingly integrated relationship with Angola and Mozambique).


Guiding principles

To be financially viable.
CCILSA must have a financial structure capable of ensuring its self-sufficiency and capable of ensuring operational capacity in order to adequately serve its members, i.e., clients.

Tuned with its members businesses.
More than an entity of a social or representative nature, CCILSA actively serves the interests of its members, focused on promoting networking, on helping one another, and on opening doors, actively promoting businesses.

An inclusive and collaborative posture.
CCILSA collaborates and builds bridges with other relevant entities, acting in coordination with AICEP - Portal Global and the DTI - Department of Trade and Industry, and with the Embassies of the two countries. CCILSA collaborates actively with other relevant associations in order to fulfil its purpose.

A balanced and active executive board.
The Governing Bodies must represent the members of South Africa and Portugal in a balanced way.


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Luso-South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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