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Corporate Presentation

CCILSA acts as an active mediator in the relationship between the economic agents of both markets, stimulating them to promote reciprocal trade, industrial and financial relations beneficial to both, as well as seeking to assume a preponderant consultative role with the official Portuguese and South African entities focused on foreign trade.


We bring together people and business

CCILSA – Câmara de Comércio Luso-Sul Africana\Luso-South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry mission is to promote the economic dynamics between Portugal and South Africa, namely in what concerns trade and investment, with mutual benefits for both markets.

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CCILSA’s activity is focused on promoting the businesses and interests of its members, within the scope of this mission.

That is:

  • The entities or individuals living in Portugal who want to do (or are already doing) business in South Africa;
  • The entities or individuals living in South Africa who want to do (or are already doing) business in Portugal;
  • By extension, the Portuguese who are doing business in South Africa and the South Africans doing business in Portugal.

CCILSA promotes the business of its associates. It is not an entity that represents Portuguese entrepreneurs in South Africa, nor South African entrepreneurs in Portugal. Its purpose is to promote exchanges between the two countries and the commercial interests of its members.


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Luso-South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Founded in 1980
Registered in Portugal and South Africa




+351 213 581 060