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Information and Communication Technologies Mission to South Africa from 25 to 28 September 2018

ANETIE - Business Association of Portugal and CCILSA - South African Luso Chamber of Commerce and Industry, invite interested companies to participate in the Information and Communication Technologies mission to South Africa from September 25 to 28, 2018. Benefit from the support COMPETE2020, the local relationships of ANETIE and CCILSA and the support of the partner entities.


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The program involves:

Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town
  • B2B meetings (60%) with potential clients and partners

  • Login>Pt  Seminary and Network in Johannesburg on business opportunities in Gauteng province (4th largest African economy), with the support of GGDA (1)
  • Network session and partnerships in Innovation HUB
  • Login>Pt  Seminary and Network in Cape Town (the most sophisticated market in Africa), with the support of WESGRO (2) 
  • Network with Portuguese and South African companies, with the support of JCCI - Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Black Business Council, SAPCC - South African Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Cape Chamber of Commerce & Industry

  • Meeting with AICEP and institutional entities
             (1) GGDA -  Institution equivalent to AICEP for Gouteng province
             (2) WESGRO - Institution equivalent to AICEP for the Western Cape Province

South African Market Interest

  • Market of 54 million inhabitants and the highest middle class in Africa
  • Rapidly expanding ICT and eGovernment market
  • Africa's second largest economy
  • Gateway to Southern Africa
  • The largest economic, financial, scientific, industrial, transport, southern African centers
  • Increasingly integrated economy with Angola and Mozambique
  • Portuguese presence in Portugal and through a thriving Portuguese community
  • Economy of innovation in Portugal





Luso-South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Founded in 1980
Registered in Portugal and South Africa




+351 213 581 060