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Benefits of trade missions to Portugal

Trade missions allow companies to contact and learn about new strategic markets.
CCILSA trade missions rely on the involvement of the embassies of the two countries, as well as the investment agencies of the provinces visited.
Part of the program is pre-arranged. Another part consists of customized schedules for each participant (B2B meetings) (B2B meetings) in order to meet your expectations and interests.

Upcoming missions

Esta missão comercial multisectorial destinou-se a todas as empresas que desejaram estabelecer


Qualquer empresa poderá realizar uma missão a Portugal a qualquer altura do ano

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Market interest

As far as educational and employment skills are concerned, 61% of the Portuguese population speaks at least 1 foreign language, and several universities are well positioned in the European rankings. This means that Portugal has one of the most qualified labour forces in the European Union. In addition, labour costs in the country have declined in recent years, while in the euro area the opposite has occurred.

These trade missions are a great opportunity to get to know the business environment in Portugal and to accurately assess business opportunities in this market. The mission will be particularly focused on B2B meetings with pre-selected companies and key players in each participant's area of activity.

In addition, it will provide an opportunity for participants to become familiar with the representatives of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Portugal, to participate in investment and incentive sessions, as well as to have network moments with the highest representatives of South Africa in Portugal, Embassy representatives, ​​CCILSA and other important business associations. CCILSA has a vast network of contacts in Portugal that will be very useful for participants during and after the trade mission.

Network sessions

Meetings with public and private entities

Individual meetings B2B 
(at least 5) according to the profile and interest of each participating company.

Inverse missions

The entry in the South African market is challenging due to the strong relationships that entrepreneurs establish with their partners. CCILSA promotes inverse missions, bringing South African entrepreneurs to Portugal and opening doors to potential new relationships. Inverse missions are a fundamental complement to traditional trade missions and allow Portuguese participants to build relationships with strategic partners.
The inverse missions include visits to national and governmental entities, discussion about Portuguese best practices, and visits to participating companies. These initiatives are an opportunity to make known a country and an economy that already has a solid recognition in South Africa.

Any company can carry out a mission to Portugal at any time of the year, individually or accompanied by other companies, and obtain operational and financial support from CCILSA.
CCILSA has the experience of successfully organizing individual and collective trade missions to Portugal for large companies and for SMEs.
CCILSA contributes with 50% of the travel and accommodation expenses of any company that visits at least 3 exporters during the trip.

How to participate?

In order to participate in a trade mission, contact CCILSA, provide your company’s data and specify areas of interest.

We will determine the viability and adequacy of your company for the South African market and, if verified, will be integrated in the mission.


Ana David

Phone number: +351 934 927 500
E-mail: ana.david@ccilsa.org 

Lebo Stock

Phone number: +27 (076) 744 5611
E-mail: lebo.stock@leadership-bc.com

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