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O Opinião

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Bobby O´Reilly

Managing Director UrHome Portugal


The world lives in quite uncertain times

The world lives in quite uncertain times, not just because of the migration crisis, the increase in terrorist attacks, but also due to the political movements all across the world. In Europe, there is the Brexit, which is already having a huge impact in the way companies relate and deal.

In South Africa, its political instability and poor economic performance have reduced investor confidence.

Here’s why Portugal appears as a great alternative and opportunity for investing, whether as a company or individual.

The country enjoys a stable democratic government, a stable economy again on the rise, and a climate most appealing for tourism or living. Last semester, banks lent 41% more than last year, with figures we haven’t seen since 2011.

Property prices are rising, and new developments don’t seem to keep up with demand. All these are excellent ingredients for making a sound investment, making this the right time take advantage of the growing interest in Portugal.

Some opportunities are more attractive than others, and some will be more profitable. Our expertise and experience tells us this is the right opportunity to invest in properties that can yield return through re-sell or rent, in areas like Lisbon or Algarve.

In fact, these areas are being populated with brand new developments - like Castilho in Lisbon, and Pine Hills Vilamoura, in Algarve - that are an excellent example of the kind of property investment that Portugal is attracting and providing for investors worldwide.

Both are unique UrHome projects, and both provide an exciting opportunity to increase or start a sound investment portfolio.

If you are planning to invest in Portugal, please visit our selection of exclusive properties and projects. Go to www.urhomeportugal.com



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